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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My day...

My adorable school secretary, Pat Connor, asked me today, "What do you do all day?" FUNNY she asked, here is the run down of my day!

Boys awake at 5:30am...nurse them, eat my breakfast (combo cereal with Honey Bunches of Oats Vanilla/Cinnamon Clusters!) in my quiet,peaceful house before the "Crew" wakes up!

Wake up girls..get them dressed..make lunches..check backpacks..make breakfast..brush hair..brush teeth..give kisses/hugs..send them out the door with DADDY!
Workout for 45 min. to my "FIRM" tape (It is so awesome if you ever just want a good toning video!)
Shower and get ready (from head to toe...make-up and hair..uh!)
Nurse the boys again..pack up the car..head to Wal-Mart (looking for white fur for Claire's rabbit costume for the talking zoo tomorrow)
Drive to my school, OMIS, to take my class picture with my super cool fourth graders.
Leave school, head towards Rob's office...stop their to nurse the boys AGAIN, and pick up Rob.
We go to the Thrift Store (looking for a fur jacket..aka..snowshoe rabbit)..then off to the Fabric store to just buy some stupid FUR!!!
Then to the Honda dealership to pick up my van (brake check)..
Off to Target to exchange a beach cover up and buy some sunblock for the beach TOMORROW..AHHHH!
Stop at the bank to deposit a couple of checks..find a shady spot to nurse the boys AGAIN!(are you keeping up with how many times I have to stop and feed them in the car "on the go"????..seriously!!!)
Off to the post office to drop a package for delivery..then to pick up the girls from school. Claire and Ellie first, then go get Jenna!
Stop on the way home at Subway (cause I just got way too much stuff to do tonight to cook dinner)
Arrive home...nurse the boys AGAIN, make Claire's rabbit costume (hot glued the fur to a smock), freshen up on my second grade math (Perimeter and Area! Ha Ha!), bathe Ellie and Jenna, help the girls make special birthday cards for Dr. Amos (markers, glue, stickers, stamps EVERYWHERE!) rotate laundry, start gathering things I need for my trip, bake cookies and make dips for my sweet volunteers coming tomorrow, nurse the boys AGAIN, story time and prayers, tuck in the girls, take a long, hot shower, finish packing my things, check e-mail, update the blog, now I am off to wake up the boys for a quick bath, nurse them once more and hopefully have them (along with myself) in the bed by 12:00am! LONG day, GREAT day, FUN day, BUSY day, MEMORABLE day, BLESSED day!


Missy said...

What a super mom you are! Whew, I actually lost track of trying to keep up! Girl- you need an award.
But you are right - truly a Blessed day!

Tricia said...

You make me tired... I think I need a nap just from reading about your day!

What vitamins or supplements do you take? You do take some don't you? :)


Adriane said...

This post exhausted me. WOW!!!!