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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring far!

Spring Break has been such joyous fun so far. Even though Monday was RAINING all day, Tuesday and Wednesday have been absolutely gorgeous. Monday we played inside all day and watched movies. Tuesday, Ellie enjoyed a sleepover party with her buddy Kate Mullinax and Claire spent the evening at her buddy Anna Templin's house. The girls LOVED their sleep overs and it was nice to have some special "Jenna" time with the big girls gone. Tuesday afternoon, Rob and I took Jenna for a wagon ride around the neighborhood and she was so giddy with all the extra attention she received from Mommy and Daddy. Today, Wednesday, I picked up the girls from their friends and we gathered at my best friend's house, Aimee Martin. She was such a trooper to invite us all over to her house..4 adults and 13 KIDS! The oldest...7 and the youngest....3 months! Here is a picture of all the kids in birth order.
Braylin Martin, Claire Pate, Kate Mullinax, Kendall Reeves, Ellie Pate, Jacob Mullinax, Natalie Reeves, Jenna Pate, Nathan Mullinax, Harper Martin, Benjamin Reeves, James Pate and John David Pate!

The kids had a blast; Ate peanut butter sandwiches, cheese puffs, and Popsicles; played outside and by 1:00 I think 9 of the 13 kids were whining and crying so it was NAP TIME....we headed home from there.

I appreciate my friends so much. It is really special to have friends to share life's journey with. When we had all of our kids lined up together, I realized how memorable these moments really are. Even though it is hard work and they exhaust us, it is worth.

Jill, Rashae, Aimee and I are planning a "girls" trip the last weekend in April and I am really looking forward to it. I told Rob the other day, there is a possibility we all may go to sleep the first night and not wake up until the last day!!

Will post more later on spring break week.

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Aimee said...

Woo Hoo! Beach trip!!!! What are we going to do without 13 kids?? Oh, I'm sure we will be just fine. Can't wait to make more memories with my best friends and our 13 precious kids!! I love you!