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James Daniel Pate-3years old

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It is officially time to start training for the Bear Lake Marathon this summer. Rob and I will begin our training program this weekend. Thanks to my best friend, Jill, and her mom, Judy, I have this beautiful new jogging stroller. The boys and I will spend every single day (except for Saturday) RUNNING! The great feature of this jogging stroller is the swivel wheel in the front. It is also super sturdy so as I am running over bumpy, gravel road, the boys will be safe and sound inside their pouch! I am planning on trying it out permitting! Thanks Jill and Judy, I love the new wheels, and I am sure the boys will too!!

Here is a picture of the girls playing in the box that the jogging stroller came in. I'm amazed at the level of contentment that a cardboard box brings children. Pure happiness playing inside and out of that box. Appropriate for all ages...1-7! ha ha!

Here is a picture of the boys mid-morning after their 8:00 feeding. That is usually when I change their clothes and clean them up for the day. They generally go back to sleep until 11:00 or so and that is when we get out and about. We have been going to pick up Daddy every other day on his lunch break to ride around with us as we complete errands. I have really enjoyed that hour we get to spend together. I usually pack him a lunch to bring along for the ride (since I am super wife and all!! ha ha!) and he eats his lunch in the car while I run in and out of Babies R Us, Hobby Lobby, Wal-mart, etc. I tell him each day if he makes me go back to work next year, I can't bring him Peperoni wraps and visit him during lunch!!!He laughs it off and says, "That will be okay!"

I wanted to post a picture of our pantry to show everyone how pitiful it really is. You would think that being a "stay at home mommy" right now, our pantry wouldn't look so pathetic, however, It seems as though I NEVER have a chance to go grocery shopping. The last time I went grocery shopping (full grocery shopping) was three weeks ago when a dear friend, Linda Templin, came to the house to "babysit" so I could go alone without the boys. Believe me, taking the boys grocery shopping isn't effective because they take two carts and there isn't any room for groceries.

Here is our new "family of 7 can fit" table. We are all so excited about having a new BIG table to gather around. Ellie even thanked God tonight for the "booths" table. When we arrived home from school today, Ellie walked in and said, "Oh, yea, I just can't believe we finally have a "booths" table. BTW- "booths" table means a table with booth seating.

Here are the boys sleeping at Mamaw's house during Sam's birthday party last weekend. I thought this picture was so precious because I had just finished feeding them, and they fell asleep just like this.


Missy said...

Last picture is my Absolute Favorite! Little snuggles!!! Love the new table! Any time you need a babysitter - just give me a call. I would be happy to give you a shopping break!!!!

Brooke said...

You ARE supermom! I can't begin to imagine "getting out and about!" I'm lucky if I get dressed! Ha! Your stamina is inspiring!! :) Love the pics of the boys - they are precious!

Tricia said...

Precious pictures! You will love your jogging stroller, I have one that looks very similar and it has been wonderful!

Your pantry is definitely pitiful... I think your husband should keep the kids this Saturday so you can leisurely go grocery shopping :)

And I love your table, it is gorgeous!!

Please be in prayer for Mrs. Mary tomorrow as she has surgery for breast cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes... she is a godly lady from our church who is a mighty prayer warrior, your prayers are greatly appreciated!


roy/elisabeth dean said...

I am off on Monday, why don't I come up and keep the kids while you go get "real" groceries. I know you won't make it thru the weekend without picking up SOME things, but you probably need a day when you can spend 2-3 hours shopping! Just leave me some bottles and a few instructions and we'll be fine! Then I can go by to see Sam on my way home!
Let me know~