John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family time- what life is all about!

Jenna holding John David. She kept telling us, "No I not done!"

Even though it has been an incredibly yucky weather weekend, we have had a fantastic weekend nonetheless..The girls spent Saturday morning with Mamaw, enjoying a Jack's breakfast and yard sale at the Hoover Rec. The boys and I slept until 10:30 (OMG! I so needed that extra sleep) The girls returned from their outing with Mamaw. They played in the basement while I ran 7 miles (long and boring on the treadmill but entertaining to watch Claire and Ellie play) Then it was my favorite part of the day..NAP TIME! Yes, 4 out of 5 kids asleep! After naps, Jenna was rewarded with holding her brothers for the first time (she has been sick for a solid month so unable to hold them yet!!) She was really sweet with them. We only had to tell her a few times to not hold them by their necks!! Sunday was a grand day also. We were able to get outside a little bit in the afternoon. Daddy and Claire practiced softball together while Ellie and Jenna and I painted. We are using the same dresser for the boys that we used for the girls, so I had to paint new dresser knobs...a new hue of hot blue and green..haha! After playing outside for a bit, we came in for Oreo milkshakes...yummy treat! Rob and I spent some time getting the boys' room ready this weekend. We have one crib up and plan on putting together the other one next weekend. I will post pictures once we have it completed. BTW- Jenna has officially moved in with Ellie...oh my, what a combo!

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

James watching basketball with Daddy...well not really, Daddy holding James while I feed and change John David..But cute nonetheless!

Claire reading "Because of Winn Dixie" to John David.

Ellie and Jenna painting their masterpiece!

Jenna wearing her church dress even though we were unable to go to church.

Update on the boys. They are doing well. Haven't been weighed in a while but I am guessing 7-8 pounds now. Starting to wake up more easily now. They use to not be phased by a door bell, phone ringing, JENNA SQUEALING, etc. but now they seem more easily awakened. Typical day is wake up at 6:30am and eat, go back to sleep until 8:00am, wake up and eat again, play with mommy until 9:30 and then nap until 11:00am, eat again, love on mommy until 12:30, sleep until 2:00, eat again. Nap until 5:00pm, eat again, nap until 8:00pm, eat again and then the remainder of the night until 11:00pm is generally fussy time, rock, bounce, burp, eat and then they pass out at 11:00pm...It all starts again at 6:30am! Taking care of these babies each day is pure joy. Things definitely get challenging between the hours of 3pm-8pm. Five kids who need mommy all at the same time. Four of them under the age of FOUR! I am so thankful though to be home during the day with the boys right now, I savor all the moments. I love to nurse them, rock them, hold them, smell them, snuggle my face up against theirs, hold their fingers, and of course kiss all over their sweet, chunky cheeks!
James is scheduled for hernia surgery on the 24th of this month. I am of course really nervous about having him put to sleep. He will be under for about 2 hours. Please be in prayer for him to be strong and for the surgery to go well with no complications. I am also apprehensive about taking my two healthy babies into Children's Hospital (where they are treating many sick babies with RSV) Not excited about exposing them to germs, but what am I to do?

As always, we thank all of you for your continued prayers of health for our boys. They have done remarkably well and we know it is just a pure testament to the power of prayer. Please add James to your church prayer list for his surgery on March 24th.

Love to all!

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The Brooks said...

Hey Dana! I feel disconnected since i gave up facebook for Lent. I least I can still keep up with you through this blog. What time is the surgery next Tuesday? We have to bring Frances to Children's at 1:30 on Tuesday for an ultrasound on her hips and I was wondering if ya'll were going to be there at that time. Just let me know. You can get me via email at Can't wait to hear from you and thanks for keeping us posted via the blog.