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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Colic or Chocolate??

One proud mommy holding her precious, adorable, handsome, baby boys! This is a picture of me holding the boys during a very "cranky" time. I can't figure out how babies know if you are standing or sitting...they prefer I stand holding them which is much harder on the back.

Not sure which one is the culprit to my "cranky" babies but it must be either colic (usually hits around 3 weeks and that is their gestational age now, or the age in which they should be had they been full term) or it is the hot chocolate and chocolate candy bar I ate! All I know is that last night, both boys were singing misery. They were SCREAMING from 8-9 and just crying from 9-10. By 10:30 it turned into a slight whine or grunt and by 11:30pm it had ceased! We all slept well until about 5am this morning. Rob told me last night that I was only allowed bread and water for the next 24 hours. Ha! I have been watching what I eat pretty closely but Monday morning I just snapped! It was like the chocoholic in me started raging and I just couldn't control her anymore. SO one BIG cup of hot chocolate and chocolate candy bar later, I felt great but 12 hours post chocolate splurge, James and John David were CRANKED UP!

Tonight has seemed better so hopefully it was my poor judgement in food choice and not colic. I remember Claire having colic attacks because she was allergic to my breast milk (or at least that is what the doctor told us) but she would scream for hours all day and all night...not stop! I even drove her around in my Nanny's Grand Marque at 3am in the morning trying to make her stop. Nothing worked until I stopped breastfeeding! Ellie and Jenna had tummies made of steel, never a belly ache or spit up to mention of. I nursed them for about a year- no problems! I am very hopeful the boys will continue to tolerate my milk and not have problems. I think if they had allergies to my milk, it would have already hit...hopefully I can control my urge to splurge and they'll be okay.

Here are some of the comments from the girls lately:
Jenna: "Mommy I need to hold the "bruders" (brothers)"
Ellie: "Mommy next time you have babies, can you have a combo?" (meaning a combination of one boy and one girl)
Claire: "Mommy what does breast milk taste like..I don't remember?"
Jenna: "Mommy the bruders are creaming (screaming)"
Ellie: "Mommy when the boys are eating are they biting you?"

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Missy said...

Dana, I know we talked about acid reflux and I know how horrible it can be. I feel your pain! In chatting, I think I forgot to tell you a trick I tried - sometimes it worked & sometimes it did not. I would bounce them softly on an exercise ball (I read that it worked on colic babies & we thought that is what they had first). I tried it and sometimes it was the only thing that settled them down from screaming due to the acid reflux. Hope it was just chocolate though!!! Great pictures and Adorable quotes from your precious girls!!!