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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Grateful Heart!

So it is final, I have enough sick days donated to make it through the end of the school year. I called Ms. Mary at our central office to check how many days I officially had (hoping to make it through at least Spring Break). When she said, you are good, I assumed she meant up until Spring Break (because that is what we had talked about previously) but when I said, You mean I have enough through Spring Break?", she said, "No, you have enough through the end of the school year!!!!" I cried like a big ole baby. Just boo hooing! I couldn't believe it. Well, actually I could, because God has handled every single detail of this whole experience. He used many wonderful, loving , selfless people to take care of me and my family. The outpouring of support is humbling to say the least. I have such an appreciation for all that my dear friends have done for me. So thank you so much for those of you who have helped me by donating your sick leave days so my family doesn't have to take on the extreme burden of not having my income. We have truly been blessed and are grateful for it.

Here is a list of my sweet friends who donated days to me:
John Goodwin (OMIS)
Kelly Cooper Smith (OMIS)
Pat LeQuier (OMIS)
Molly Darby (OMIS)
Pat Connor (OMIS)
Lea Smith (OMIS)
Kathy Sumrall (OMIS)
Michelle Tindall (OMIS)
Jesse Creech (OMIS)
Myra Watson (OMIS)
Michelle Dunning (OMIS)
Nicole DePinto (OMIS)
Susie Easterling (OMIS)
Meredith Meadows (OMIS)
Suzanne Russell (OMIS)
Linda Maxwell (OMIS)
Holly O'Connell (OMIS)
Cynthia Cruce (CHMS)
Lynn Fincher (OMIS)
Connie Myers (CHMS)
Shane Stearns (Spain Park High)
Susan Hopton-Jones (Vestavia Hills Board of Ed)
Kristi Turner (OMIS)
Christina Rogozinski (Arab City Schools)
Jane Haines (OMIS)
Melinda Roddy (OMIS)
Kristi Wade (OMIS)
Wally Nicholson (OMIS)
James Steele (Hazel Green High School)
Trina Vest (Dadeville City Schools)
Amy Fineburg (Spain Park High)
Steve Davis (Spain Park High)
Howard Furnas (Spain Park High)
Bev Conway (Spain Park High)
Mike Aycock (Spain Park High)
Matthew Todd Scott (Spain Park High)
Lance Thomas (Spain Park High)
Tanya Bryd (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Jackie Greenwood (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
ALicia Hames (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Kimberly Jones (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Charlotte Kincaid (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Christy Lessley (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Sonja Taylor (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Mary Ann Williamson (Auburn City Schools, Dean Rd. Elem.)
Laura Alexander Waldrop ( Mtn. Brook City Schools, Brookwood Forest Elem.)
Jimmy Youngblood (OMIS)
Cathy Henry (OMIS, Central Office)
Cathy Simpkins (OMIS)

AMAZING! SO thankful and forever grateful for your kindness.

I will post some pictures tomorrow. Boys have been REALLY grumpy tonight. I don't think the spinach and spaghetti sauce I ate last night is agreeing with them....AHHH! By the way, this afternoon, I had four of my five children crying at one time...that was actually a first since we have all been under one roof. WOwzers...two infants screaming to eat and one two year old and one four year old crying and fighting over a stupid stuffed dog made me really want to yank out my hair. I didn't though, I just took a deep breath and said, "Hey girls, let's have story time while I feed the boys!" Ha Ha...


Missy said...

Dana, What a blessing! And what wonderful friends you have!!!

Spinach, turnip greens & kraut never agreed with my girls but I truly craved turnip greens during pregnancy and after!

Tricia said...

What a wonderful testimony to the faithfulness of God and His provisions! I am so glad that God has provided so graciously with you through so many people... what a tremendous blessing!

Beth G. said...

That's so amazing!!! What wonderful people and it is awesome to see how God provides!!