John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Sunday, March 29, 2009

First trip to CHURCH!

Ready for church...on we go!

Well from my post title I guess you have figured out that we ventured out to church today. Wow, what a busy morning. We began the process of "getting ready" at 7:00am, in order to make it to 11:00 service. Feed a kid, burp a baby, bathe a kid, dress a kid, soothe a baby, breastfeed two babies, shower, break up a fight, re-dress a kid (JENNA), soothe a baby, wake a husband, dress myself, hair, make-up, gather up all the CRAP scattered about while I was getting ready, dishes in the sink, snacks packed, diaper bag ready, pump and pump bottles, thawed milk, and.... WE'RE OFF!

We decided to visit a Sunday school class today as well...I guess attending church just wasn't enough venture so we met a small group today, a great group of people in Jay and Courtney Turner's small group. God works in such cool ways. My sorority counselor and Tigerette President from Auburn is in this class. The nice lady who checked me out at the Birmingham Moms of Multiples consignment sale is in this class. She and her husband have twin daughters. The group is small but growing and we are excited to visit them again next weekend.

After church we gathered at Jay's house for a BBQ. A little challenging because we didn't know anyone, the girls were starving and of course needed help getting their plates,drinks etc. TWO babies were an hour past feeding time, so I had to pump two bottles on the way there so Rob and I could each feed one BEFORE we ate. However, everything went very well. Better than expected if you ask me. The only glitch was when we heard Jenna yell, "Oh my toe Daddy!" and noticed that she had 5 splinters buried in her foot. I swear with 5 kids you almost expect SOMETHING to happen at the top of each hour. By 1:00, all kids were fed, playing kindly with one another, I had some good ole socialization with adults (moms with kids) and the sun was shining. We headed home in time to put the little ones down for naps, Rob and Claire played softball in the yard, I actually laid down on the couch to rest. Then 5:00pm, we all piled up in the van once again and on to Softball pictures for Claire....(can't imagine when all 5 are involved in something!)

Great weekend of family time (always my favorite) and busy, busy, busy as usual.

SO thankful and forever grateful for our miracle babies. They are doing wonderfully. You sure couldn't tell that James had surgery last Tuesday. The kid has been such a trooper. Completely healed, can't hardly see the incision marks. John David is blowing up like a Puffalump..he is so squishy and starting to get FAT ROLLS! James smiles all the time now, it is too cute. John David is cooing occasionally. The boys have their 4 month check up April 16th. I am considering calling the doctor tomorrow and ask to try something else for their Reflux. We have been giving them Zantac for the past month and I don't think it does much to help them. I think it is kind of like Amoxacillan (the first one you have to try before you can get the good stuff that really works)....but yes, the Reflux is awful. They both spew every single time they nurse. They are very uncomfortable for at least 45min to an hour after they eat.

Comments from church today:
"Oh my, are those the precious babies we prayed for?"
"They are adorable"
"Are there TWO babies?"
"Are those the same baby?"
"You must be busy with two babies?"...(uh, she didn't know we already had three girls before the boys came..hahah!)

I posted this picture from Saturday morning because I honestly don't know who this is. I really can't remember who I was taking pictures of that morning. I know one boy was sleeping and one was awake. BUT I seriously can't remember who was doing what, so this is my first picture of "not knowing" who it is. I don't have the other boy to compare to so it is impossible of knowing!


Missy said...

Whew Girl! I am exhausted by just reading it! You truly are a Super Mom!

Sounds like a cool Sunday School group! What a blessing!

Lani said...

wow! I second the supermom thing.
Thanks for joining our multiples network!