John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Grocery TRIP and boy was it a trip!

So here it is..the first grocery trip with ALL FIVE KIDS! My sweet friend Kristi, who has three boys and twin girls, told me her secret to shopping with all the kids...DON'T! Ha Ha...actually she told me the oldest one pushes the smallest ones in the double stroller and the middle ones ride in the carts. Since James and John David are still really tiny and vulnerable I will keep them in their car seats a while longer and probably not be shopping all that much anyway. I just HAD TO HAVE A CUCUMBER!

I know what you are thinking...not worth getting everyone out and keeping content in a grocery store for a cucumber. I told my best friend Jill yesterday that I have more food cravings now while nursing than I ever did pregnant. Something just takes over my brain and makes me crazy, not even . Latest example other than the cucumber was Sunday, when I had to have those little Easter Whopper Egg candies (you know the ones, all different colors and they come in a little carton) OH my, I loved all 100 of them...ATE THE WHOLE CARTON! Not good judgement, but I am telling ya, the hormones are causing the disruption in my good judgement!

Overall, we are doing well. The boys are just growing more and more each day. James has a nice squealing sound he has learned to make when he is really hungry and I am just not moving fast enough. He also prefers the swing WITHOUT his brother. Tried to swing them together two nights ago and James continued to fuss and cry until I moved John David to his bed. That was all it took, two seconds later James was sound asleep. John David alternates his temperament. Usually every other day is calm and content. He prefers to sleep in his bed, usually wrapped in the snuggly on his back.

The girls have adjusted well. Claire is most definitely a little mommy herself and Ellie tries to follow Claire's big sister role with Jenna. It is so sweet to watch Ellie try to guide and care for Jenna (even though often times, Jenna doesn't welcome it because she says, "NO NO ELLIE, MY DO IT" (with her finger pointed at Ellie) However, Ellie and Jenna are becoming such big buddies. I love to see the relationships forming between my children.

My heart is completely full and I don't take a single day for granted. It only takes me a moment of looking back at old photos or remembering the time when I wasn't here, to remind me to savor the little moments of each day. Simple things like picking up the kids and hearing their stories from school that day, or rocking Jenna and reading her a book at night, eating ice-cream together, watching all the girls pile in my big bath tube and turn on the jets for a "spa bath" together, saying sweet little kid prayers at bedtime, and even the craziness of going to the grocery store together...


Tricia said...

You are brave!! So glad your trip was successful! Enjoy that cucumber!!


-Ronda said...

You must REALLY love cucumbers! Thank you for the phone call today. You are precious!