John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bottle Feeding!!!!

The boys are two weeks old and started bottle feeding today! If you aren't thinking, "Wow, that is amazing,".... you should be! It is amazing that they are learning to suck, swallow and breathe all at the same time. Some babies spend weeks even months on respirators and CPAP machines. Our precious miracles have been breathing for the most part on their own for over a week now. They have also been able to tolerate my breast milk without any issues so far. These little guys are doing really well. They both weighed 2lb 15oz...Identical weights tonight. Both brain scans came back with NO ABNORMALITIES!!!! PRAISE GOD! Having clear brain scans that don't indicate any bleeding in the brain is a HUGE praise for these little miracles. John David did receive his blood transfusion (just like brother did last week). Here is another "rare" fact to tag on with all the other ones...The boys have A negative blood. Mommy has O positive and Daddy has A positive. Grandparents have either A positive or O positive/O negative. Can't find anyone in our family with A neg. blood, just the boys! Funny story: Nurse Jeanette (who is such a precious lady) was taking care of John David while he was given a supository because he had not had a bowel movement in two days. She said after the first BM from the supository, he went two more times back to back. She even said as she was wiping him, he began to spew even more. I have never been so happy to hear about all the poop that was "everywhere". Prior to that, Dr. Strange called us and told us there may be a possibility that John David was getting sicker because he had some residual from his last feeding. She said though it could just be that he needed to have a good bowel movement. Thankfully the problem was simply he was "backed up" and nothing more serious. Rob and I had a great visit with them today. We stayed for about 2 hours and really enjoyed watching them take their first bottle. Thank you Dad and Rosey for taking care of the girls ALL DAY and even grocery shopping and cooking supper. You guys are wonderful and we feel blessed to have you here during this time.

Today, after the hospital visit, Rob and I enjoyed lunch together and I actually had a nap on his mom and dad's couch while he jogged 4 miles. Many people ask me how I am feeling lately, and honestly I feel completely exhausted, almost like a drug-induced coma, I feel like I am at the mercy of an outlet and breast pump 8 times a day, I feel overwhelmed trying to be "supermom" to my three precious girls, but I also feel completely overjoyed to have James and John David here in this world doing really well. If ever I find myself having a "bad day" I instantly recall the "storm" I endured for many months and I find a renewed spirit and thank my GOD for the exhaustion, chaos, even the fat belly and incision pain! I truly do thank HIM for the simple blessings in each day. Whether it be a big poopy from John David or watching Jenna give Ellie a big hug and say "sorry" for scratching her in the face. And yes, my house is completely turned upside down and is covered in dirt and clutter, I don't have any sense of "control" with all that is going on in our lives right now, but I (Dana Pate, control freak with the best of them) is enjoying every minute of it...!

Here is some video of our boys taking their first bottle today. A MONUMENTAL moment for the boys, and us!

James drinking his first bottle.

John David drinking his first bottle.

Please continue to pray for health and growth for our miracle boys!


Marsha said...

That is priceless. Still praying...

Bre said...

I am friends with Katy, we went to UAB together and were in the same sorority. I got to your blog through hers and I also go to Westwood. The first time I read it, I just sobbed. What an amazing testimony. God is so good and I know you will be forever changed by this experience. I have prayed for your babies every night and will continue to do so! I know you are reaching out to so many during this time and sharing God's word with everyone. He will reward you for this in ways you never thought possible. God bless you and your family!!

roy/elisabeth dean said...

I get chills everytime I read an update! God has big plans for these boys....I can't wait to meet them. I have seen Him at work here, through Roy. It is amazing the sense of peace you have!
Enjoy your girls, your husband, your company and your visits with your babies....your house may not get clean for 20 years!
Love you all, Elisabeth

Missy said...

Dana, Wow what great news to post - bottle-feeding, scans are clear & a good poop helped. So glad to hear that your boys are doing well. God definitely know how to work some wonderful miracles!!!

I finally thought of our favorite nurse's name - Annette. She was absolutely wonderful with Abby & Emma. If she is still there, please tell her the Gurley Girls say Hi!

I remember how you felt (like living in a fog). I remember the day Dr. Mena told me the girls could go home in a few days - my fog lifted. And I remember the "pumping days" all too well.

I pray that your boys will continue to be well & healthy & go home soon and I will pray for you, Rob & your girls.

Trina said...
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Trina said...

First of all--YEA on the awesome news about James and John David. My heart swelled with happiness when I read your post. I know they are just going to continue to thrive.

Next--Dana, I saw on Phillip's facebook page that you had gotten some needed sick days. I am a member of the sick leave bank, so if you need more days, PLEASE let me know. I will be more than happy to donate to you. Plus, TONS of people from Alex City remember Rob's days on the Plains, so I'm certain I could spread the word and they'd be willing to donate as well.