John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Breast Feeding!!!

Christmas 2008, one we as a family will never forget. Notice the two blue hospital bracelets on my wrist. Rob and I will wear them until the boys come home!

John David after he nursed for the first time! Happy boy!

Daddy changing James' diaper for the first time.

Another blessed day, thank you Father God for another awesome day with our sons.

Today the boys had their first chance to breast feed! What an amazing experience. James was first (after all, he is the big brother by 1 min.) and he did really well. If his mouth wasn't he size of an M&M and my nipple wasn't the size of a walnut shell, he may have latched on. It was so precious though. He did really good for about 15 min. but it was just too much work. I don't think he will have a problem figuring it out once he is a bit bigger.

John David was a bit more vigorous and actually did latch on for a short moment, he just about drowned taking in the mammoth drops of milk that spewed everywhere. He gulped, burped twice and then started to hiccup after drinking a tiny amount. After he ate, I layed him on my chest and savored the feeling of his soft, delicate skin against mine. Purely wonderful and the memory will never leave me.

When the nurse weighed him after I nursed him for about 10 min., the scale showed an increase of 30 cc's. That is yet amazing again, that the 3 lb stinker can belly 30 cc's of breast milk. The nurses are amazed at my milk production. I decided tonight that bottle feeding them my breast milk is best for right now (maybe another week or so) and then we can try the breast again. I really think they won't have a problem "figuring" it out because they did it so naturally today. But I do feel that they are being fed well with the bottle and it is easier to control what they take in. We just need a better size fit between the three of us, and when they grow a little bigger, I will try to breast feed them again. I do however, thank God that He is allowing my body to respond so well with making enough milk for them both. Last count in the deep freeze was, 68 two and a half ounce bottles and 75 four ounce bags. That equivalents to 470 ounces of milk. SO in 16 days, my body has produced nearly 60 cups of milk!!!

Here are some more PRAISES!!! James has pooped on his own twice now. John David had his picc line taken out tonight and the nurse said "it looked good". Both boys are feeding well, no residuals. Both boys aren't receiving any fluids through IV's anymore, only taking breast milk. They are still on about 28-30% oxygen through the nasal cannula.

Here are our prayers: Keep them safe from infection, sickness, health problems. Grow them stronger, allow them to eat more and gain weight each and every single day. Rest well so they grow well. Strengthen lungs to breath without any oxygen help.

These boys are purely amazing to watch grow and thrive. Every time I visit them and watch them wriggle around, suck their fingers, kick their legs, open their eyes to look around, even cry out in discomfort, I envision GOD with his vast hands and super power all around them. I feel HIM close to me each time I walk into that NICU and gaze at my beautiful, fragile, miraculous baby boys HE so graciously, and undeserving blessed Rob and I with. It is almost the feeling you have when someone has done something wonderful for you and you just want to give them back a tiny portion of what they have given to you...only difference is that the "someone" is not a "person" who did me a favor, it is GOD, Creator of the Universe and all that is in it, who allowed us to be a part of HIS miracle here on Earth for all the world to witness and see. To watch HIS might and power and abundant love shine through our babies to all of you. If you have never experienced the pure peace of GOD and seen for yourself one of HIS many miracles here on this Earth, please call me so I can take you to the Brookwood NICU and show you what HE has done in the lives of these baby boys!

" Now to HIM wo is able to do immeasuralby more than all we ask or imagine, according to HIS power that is at work within us. To HIM be the glory!"
Ephesians 3:20

"So that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on GOD's power!"
1 Corinthians 2:5


roy/elisabeth dean said...

WOW...That's all I can say! I couldn't even get my full-term babies to breast-feed. YOU are amazing!
The boys get more beautiful each day. I love the family Christmas picture, you all look wonderful.
Next time I bring Roy to B'ham for his Drs. appt we will have to stop by Brookwood to see those babies. Then everyone can witness 3 miracles!!!
Happy Holidays, we are still praying! Elisabeth, Roy and Molly

Jill said...

Mrs. Pate, it was 6 years ago that Jackson's little sister, Ella, was in the hospital on Christmas. She was exactly 3 pounds, born on 12/17. Nursing a preemie is hard, hard work, but it's so doable, and it sounds like you're doing great. I promise to pray for you and the nursing specifically.

I just happened to check your blog this morning, and so much of what I read I experienced (of course with just one baby!). Our entire family is so happy you are all doing so well.

Take care,
Jill Vaughan