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James Daniel Pate-3years old

Saturday, December 6, 2008

spend the night party #2

This is Claire typing. I am very excited about spending the night with my mommy in the hospital for the secnod time. It is very enjoyable to be here by myself and give company to my mommy. First I got there and I took a bath in mommys shower and used conut shampoo. Then we got setled and watched the Alabama and Florida game and in the background I was chomping my arms for the gators. Next we layed down in mommys bed and played fun brain games on the lap top. next I ate sherburt and play double solatare. I have a nikname for baby a and baby b. baby a is handsome and baby b is hiper. I can't wait to meet them. Keep praying for my brothers and I know Jesus Christ will save them if we keep praying.

claire mckinley pate


Rob and Girls said...

You make me smile Claire Pate. Thank you for taking care of Mommy. I love you very much.

-Ronda said...

Claire Bear, I am so glad you're getting to spend the night with mommy again. I know you're enjoying that time with her. I am so proud of your strength and your faith. You are being the light of Christ and I know God is proud of you too. I want you to know that you're not alone praying for your brothers. Stay strong and I love you. Hugs to you!!! Miss Ronda