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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pictures !!!

So today you get pictures! Thanks to Christopher and Ms. Janet for stopping by and snapping some pictures to share with everyone. This picture is of my scripture wall. I read them all every single day, many times a day. I have the name of the loved one who sent it to me on the top right hand corner so I can think of you and pray for you as well. I am going to type them all into my storybook that I plan to write from this story, once the story is complete of course.

Here is a picture of the gorgeous flowers my fourth graders sent to me. They make me feel so happy!

I had a great visit today from the love of my life, my husband. Thank you honey for the clean laundry, yet another smell I really enjoy, Gain and Downey (yall probably think I have gone completely crazy as much as I mention the "smells" I miss and love so much.) I was overjoyed today to also have a visit from two very best "mom" friends, Linda and Lauren. They brought me some yummy sesame chicken and fried rice, a beautiful wooden decor with Psalm 46:10 Be still,and know that I am GOD..., and even a fun girly devotional for the girls and I to do together when they come to visit. Here are some more pictures from this past weekend:

Mommy and her Auburn girls watching Auburn lose to Alabama (very badly) but these girls didn't care a bit, we sang the Auburn Fight Song after each Bama touchdown!

Claire the morning after our "spend the night party". She had such a blast, and I did too.

This is the Peace Lily my dad and stepmom sent recently. The "blue" bow and bears kinda caught me off guard because I am still thinking pink and girly.


Aimee said...

Hey Dana I normally wouldnt comment but im up late and every thing I have to say I would tell you in person, but something tells me you could use a little encouragement. Ive been to that room your in and it sucks, not the room itself but having to be there all the time. I cant say I know how you feel but let me give you something to think about next time your feeling lonely and there alone with you and your two children. There is a reason your there and you know that, and on top of that you can do anything for a limited amount of time, or for as long as it takes to makes sure that your children are healthy and well taken care of. Just sending you a message to let you know that even at night after most sane people are asleep you are thought of. Woman up and be strong.

Aimee said...

Hope you know that note is from CHRISTOPHER!! Love ya girl!