John David Pate-3years old

James Daniel Pate-3years old

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Photos From 2 Days Old

John David Pate

James Daniel Pate


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Ryan's climbing partner Lauren. Debbie gave me your blog address recently and I love it! I'm really touched by the pictures of your babies and all you say about them being in our Father's hands. I pray they'll continue to develop into healthy, strong little boys (who are better behaved than Ryan!). :) My family provided foster care for twin girls who were about the same size and were on monitors for the first year of their lives. Those girls grew up to be so beautiful and healthy...may your boys do the same! Thank you for your encouraging faith.

P.S. I like the song!

Victor said...

Dear Dana and family....
we have been following and praying for these darling twins sons for some time now...we are good friends of Carla/ in Jackson MS. I was at work the day of their birth...and Carla as promised to leave me a message of their safe arrival. GOOD GOING for your pumping too...what a heroic sacrificial mama!

Your pregnancy was tender for us, esp. when you shared the names of the boys...we lost a son, John David....4# at 31 weeks and his birthday week was the same as your boys! We rejoiced though to learn that another family using this great name....had such a "good outcome" brought us comfort that tender birth week.

We know this pain of commuting and balancing children at home, boys in the NICU, and your post partum recovery....did this with our daughter ions ago.....very very hard....
A great trial now...try and pace your visits to preserve some energy for the homecoming!

We commend you for trusting God with your fertility!
May you continue to trust Him rather than we frail humans....
He is the Supreme, Wisest of family planners....defer to Him....! He makes no mistakes....

our love and admiration!
Gerry and Vic Gray-Lewis

Kisses to those big sisters too!